Wise Women’s Festival,
16th & 13th main altar images

In 1996 the Spring Festival had more attendees than the site could hold so we created an event in the fall, hoping to split the crowd. The only date at Naramata Centre was late in October and coincided with an event happening in Vernon so attendence was low. By then Laurel wanted us to host an all womens event to we did a second annual Fall Festival and the first annual Wise Womens Festival in 1997. In 1998 we were able to book the second weekend in September and the event grew until it was the same size as the spring event. In 2014 the union had a strike and lost Naramata Center forever. In 2015 we opened at the Shartford Center in Penticton with a much smaller site. 2016 less people attended so I cancelled the Penticton event and instead focused the event at Johnsons Landing which included a sweat lodge as the finale.

The picture above shows the original six women who hosted the two festivals, top left to right Samarpan, Angele, Marcel. Bottom row Laurel, Nywyn and Urmi. The picture to the right is my new crew starting in 2008 and continuing to 2017 and included Sunnaira, Marion and Karen. The pic at the top shows a few extra women who help with set up as we ready the grounds on a Thursday

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