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One of the QuanYin altars at the Wise Womens Festival. In the back ground is a silk batik painted in Bali and a wood statue carved in Vietnam. Another wood carving sits on top surronded by orchids and a 20 pound rose quart crystal to ther right.

Yellow cedar log carved in China. Story of purchase in my book. She pours the gift of water in her left and a stalk of rice in her right. She has tamed her dragon and thus he looks loving at her.

Another altar at the Spring Festival of Awareness. In the back ground is a hand painted image by Nywyn and in front a marble carving from Vietnam. To the right is a glass painted Quan Yin and to her left is a Glow in the Dark Quan Yin with her dragon.

Two of the tiniest QuanYins in my collection. I bought these two hand-carved statues, one in dark and the other in golden amber, at a trade show in Vernon. She had a booth beside mine and said they were from Lithuania. In the background is the view from my bedroom window at Johnson’s Landing. Plus, a malachite angel and other crystals.

A huge clam shell in Vietnam. The photo was taken by Rita Montgomery

Same 3-foot wood carving from Vietnam but this time, she sits on the grand piano with a silk scarf in front.

A simple altar.

The sister to QuanYin was carved in Yellow Cedar in China, which I bought as a pair.

A lovely postcard.

I purchased this poster at the Yasodhara Ashram. The wood statute is "GuanYin of the Southern Sea" and lives at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in the US.

Carved in marble from Vietnam via Mission Marble. She called, mentioning they had a lady holding a fish that looked similar to the photo on the cover. I have bought various sizes from them.

This 13-meter-tall statue is on the Island of Putuoshan in Zhejiang Province of China, which they claim was her earliest residence. The image was in a magazine given to me by a friend who lived in China.

A friend clicked her camera when she saw light glowing around the malachite angel and QuanYin I gifted her with.

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