Scrub in the Tub
(Mar 1991)

Rub a dub, dub, three men in a tub. This picture takes me back to my childhood and our weekly baths. Water had to be hauled up from the creek and heated on a wood stove; it was then passed down from eldest to youngest child, with a little extra hot water added now and then.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so to make this story a little longer and more believable, I’ve added a few pictures. Bath time was Saturday night’s entertainment since we had no TV We often played cards or games, especially if we had company and were allowed to stay up past sunset, burning our limited supply of propane or candles. As a child, I don’t remember many days filled with fun. Mostly it was housework or washing clothes in the wringer washer. Once or twice, I got permission to take the old work horse to my nearest girl friend’s some four miles away and sometimes I hid in the hay loft with a good book. But mainly, we young ones worked and learned to survive.

My brothers hunted and fished while mountain climbing and canoeing and then hauled in the wood for our cook stove, pot belly heater and fireplace. They always seemed to have more fun than me. But as the only girl, I had one privilege they didn’t: if there was room in our car for the forty-mile ride into town, I got to go. Once there, I mainly folded laundry but it was easier than using the wringer washer at home, where I had caught my hand several times.  Also, I got to window shop while waiting for the clothes to dry.

Thinking back, this lifestyle had its advantages. It was better than being bored and having nothing to do, or watching TV  all day like many children seem to do these days.  Of course, there are still all those extra activities like swimming, dancing, skating and sports. Fortunately the wonderful conveniences now available give us more time to get in touch with our inner self. (continued to the right)  And that, my friends is a very personal challenge. Each of us has chosen our path and the obstacles to be placed in front of us.

As you may have noticed I’m not wearing my glasses in the photo.  That was one of my obstacles; after five years of exercising and strengthening my eyeballs I hope in the near future not to have to wear them. More details of my journey to have better vision in the next ISSUE.

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