Crop Circles
(Feb 2006)

This months’ front cover features three different Yin Yang formations in a crop circle that appeared in 2003 at Hackpen Hill near Winterbourne Basset, Whiltshire, England. The photograph is courtesy of Robert Nichol, a film maker who lives at Gibsons Landing near Vancouver, and Lucy Pringle who has a website with hundreds of crop circle images. One evening I spent several hours surfing the net starring at the amazing images that are created when wheat is bent at 90 degrees. Mostly they are photographed in England but several years ago a few crop circles were recorded in a field near Vanderhoof, BC and now ice circles are appearing on frozen lakes. The buzz is that this magical energy will help us with the transformation that we are about to go through on our planet.

I choose this image for the cover because I like the Star Dreams video that Robert Nichol has just re-created into a CD. He will be at the Spring Festival of Awareness in April to show it and answer questions. There, I assume, he will be talking to the converted, so the discussions can go deep. When my son Keith was here at Christmas, we watched the original Star Dreams video which I love. He said that he had heard crop circles were fake but took the time to watch. It made me wonder why he believes the crazy newspaper stories that Dave and Doug are making them with planks and tape measures? I did a bit of research and one report said that 77% of the US population believe crop circles are made by aliens and 80% believe the government is covering up the evidence. Once again, it is the grass roots movement that is taking the time to record and make them legit.

Some of these crop circles are only available for a few days and are destroyed when the wheat is harvested. I learned that ‘croppies’ hire planes and take photographs, researchers measure them for size and electrical frequency, Tai Chi masters and healers meditate in them, and they have changed more than one person’s life. One of the film clips on the CD was taken inside of a crop circle and showed hundreds of orbs surrounding a child who looked like he was playing with bubbles

On re-reading The Findhorn Garden book I also noticed that a picture taken inside their garden has little circles in it. Now that I have photographed orbs with my camera I am starting to notice them more and believe they are elemental energies allowing themselves to be seen. On page 36 of this Issues are some book reviews on the subject of devas and intuition. These books literally fell into my hands, for as the old saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” I’ll assume they want more of my help with the garden.

Over the last two years I have taken on the task to have all the grass removed from inside the garden. It had grown through the sawdust in the walking paths. In the southern portion we brought in windfall trees to make raised beds. In the northern portion we have large rocks that make three circles. The garden was re-designed in 1993 by the owner, in the shape of an Ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol for life, to attract the elementals.

Looking back I can see how, once again, I was set-up to do my angel’s bidding. On several occasions I actually sensed the energy-beings who lived near my building in Penticton and know for a fact that if it wasn’t for their help, I never would have had it as easy as I did. Once it was decided that I was moving to Johnson’s Landing one of the first things we did was haul out three and a half years worth of composted carrot pulp, made at the Juicy Carrot, to which a bucket of Red Wriggler worms had been added for good measure. Our garden did very well last year and I believe we are in for a mild spring, so I hope to start planting early. Many thanks to RainGrow organic fertilizers and WOW worm casting who both have been very generous with supplies to help build the rocky soil and clay dirt into what we hope will be a magical garden co-created with the nature deva’s. I do love being in the garden and prefer it to doing computer time. My hope is that someone will become part of our community that either likes computer work or gardening so that both Issues Magazine and the garden will continue to flourish.

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