Whatsun Lake Retreat
(Aug 2006)

The front cover shows the Whatshan Lake Retreat near Edgewood and was suggested by David Cursons, who used to write environmental articles for Issues in the early 90’s. He has a cabin near Whatshan Lake and thought they deserved some recognition for their coordinated efforts and labours of love. The Doukhobor community that lives in the Kootenays wanted to commemorate their arrival in Canada after being exiled from Russia with projects of Peace. In 1898 they refused to go to war and instead burned their guns so the Czar punished many with death and shipped the rest to Canada. I can’t imagine the hardships they went through but their belief system has endured and today they use their spare energy and cash so they can attend meetings and cooperatively build a better tomorrow. Some of the same members also built the Brilliant Cultural Center and are now spearheading the Seniors Housing Cooperative. Both of these projects are in Castlegar. I was told that Elmer Verigin was on all three committee’s and deserves a special mention. At the beginning of July, The Brilliant Cultural Centre hosted a Peace Forum dubbed Our Way Home Reunion. An opportunity for those who came to Canada as war resisters to the Vietnam War to meet those whom assisted them. Many famous speakers like George McGovern and Arun Gandhi spoke and singers like Buffy Sainte-Marie and Holly Near, sang to raise funds and awareness for the young people that are now resisting the war in Iraq. Data at www.ourwayhomereunion.com. David Cursons article about the Whatshan Lake Retreat is on pages 20 and 21 or go to www.whatshan.com.

Their is also an article about the Seniors Housing Cooperative in Castlegar, who are fund-raising to build an eco-friendly, tiered housing system that will help people feel supported as they age gracefully on pages 16 and 17.

As I travelled around the valley distributing Issues this past month several people stopped me to chat, more than one wanted to know how I hear my angels and know that it is a higher wisdom? I tried to make note of what I was answering as I don’t usually think about it about such things… for me it comes naturally. Here are a few ideas in case you were wondering too.

Angels usually say things only once… and often it is not congruent with the train of thought that is happening when the mind is in control. For example.. recently things happened that were unsettling to me, and I could feel the frustration that had been expressed over them swirling in my solar plexus. Once things quieted down I checked in with my angels. There was a feeling of peace and a voice said “All is well.” I quieted my mind, reminding myself that life is a great mystery and I don’t get to understand all of the ‘why’s’ even though I try. My role is to accept what happens with love, for it does no one any good to point fingers or hold resentments, we are all in Schoolhouse Earth.

A few years ago at a meeting with the cocreators of the Wise Woman Weekend, a disagreement came up and I could feel my defenses starting to rise, as my ego-based self talk increased. Once I got out of the energy field I quieted my mind and said to my angels, “This is not fun, what do you want from me?” The voice came back and said “Share!” I said “Share what?” There was no response so I started thinking of things I could share. The light bulb went on as I thought about organizing the two events and how it wasn’t fun anymore. With the upcoming move to Johnson’s Landing, it made sense to give the event to Samarpan, Urmi and Laurel. If you are interested in attending the tenth annual Wise Woman Weekend, Sept. 15-17 at Naramata Center, call them for details 1-888-487-1182.

If you wish to know your angels, talk to them, just like you would to your plants or pets… They are always listening and they want to help you be the best you can be. When they offer guidance don’t argue with yourself by second guessing. That comes from the fear-based, mind control pattern that we know so well. Higher guidance often does not use logic and the picture is always bigger than our lower vision can see at the time.

I have learned that accidents are often a wake-up call, and I have developed a code for understanding what is happening when I get cold shivers, hair standing on end, the involuntary shakes and/or bolts of energy that spike my body. When any of this happens, I stop, breath, check inside and drop down into my heart because one minute later the brain will try and figure it out and the message may get lost. Once you develop a rapport with your higher wisdom, fine tuning will happen automatically and you will be on the path, knowing that “we are all one and yet separate, like waves on the ocean.”

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