Fair Voting
(Apr 2009)

Politics on the front cover… I am hoping this a good sign and that “we” the people are being heard. When I was younger, I belonged to a conscientious group of people in Terrace who protested that Aspartame was toxic and asked the government not to allow the poison into our food supply. Instead, they endorsed using it, and that was when I knew I was on my own. I educated myself to protect my family and wondered about entering politics. I knew lots of people who wanted a better health care system and thought… if I could make a difference… it would be worth my while. But I decided I did not have the skills or a thick-enough skin to be in politics, so I choose to publish enlightening articles and encourage people to find answers.

Despite advances in modern medicine, our health is worse today than ever before! There is no doubt that any kind of sickness affects us, causing suffering and hardship. I feel that many people are sick because our ‘lack of health’ is economically profitable for big companies and their shareholders. This includes the food industry with all the ‘designer’ junk foods and beverages that hold no nutritional value and actually make us fat and sick. The ‘health care’ industry figured out long ago that there’s a lot more money to be made in treating symptoms with drugs and surgeries rather than providing patient education, prevention and natural medicine. People need to educate themselves, to see through the commercial deception and brainwashing of commercials and fancy packaging, and keep themselves healthy.

I am disappointed with our government system, but I also know it is a reflection of the whole. We have trusted our politicians and they have lied to us many times. At the same time, I know it could be worse, even though it could be better. Redefining how our vote is counted is a good step in the right direction, so I would like to encourage everyone to vote on May 12.

We also vote with our money. One of my favorite quotes is… Every dollar we spend is a vote for what we believe in. If we support local food suppliers and don’t buy chemically-made products, the chemical companies would run out of money. I have never understood why anyone would spend money on pop, candy, cigarettes and other vices, but these are multi-million dollar businesses.

Lately, the list of problems seems to be increasing. Which is good, for at least they are being talked about. Sometimes I feel my efforts to make a difference are futile, and then I read about all the good people with great websites and books that can educate us. So many good causes to support! The main one that comes to mind is water. Is it a commodity that can be bought and sold. In 2008, a survey demonstrated that 89% of Canadians want a national water policy, yet the Conservative government played a key role in blocking the motion at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Then there are GMO products with no labelling, etc, etc.

Marion, who is becoming a great assistant and friend, has joined our writing team and exposes the facts about MSG and its 30 different names. A few groups are working to get it banned, or least taken out of children’s vaccines. Personally, I would like to see more options in health care as described in the Charter of Health Freedom. See the article on page 23. It seems that the pharmaceutical companies have taken over and now tell the government and doctors what to do. As long as a doctor can label the dis ‘ease,’ they are allowed to prescribe. I have always liked the system in China where doctors are paid to keep people well: if someone in the village gets sick and is unable to work, it gets docked from the MD’s pay.

When I started writing Musings almost twenty years ago, I used to read the newspapers more than I do now, and I remember feeling hopeful when Peter Dueck, who was the Minister of Health, said we needed to find out why people are falling into the river, instead of just pulling them out. Then we had the Royal Commission and nothing improved, then I spent a year on our local health committee and felt like I wasted my time. They made it sound promising that our concerns would be taken into consideration. Now we have the NHP (Natural Health Products) under threat of extinction. Why didn’t they pick on the cosmetic industry if they wanted to try out some new regulations?

Common Ground, the magazine I borrowed the front cover image from, has a great writer called Alan Cassels. His column is entitled Drug Bust. Educational indeed, and well worth the price of the subscription. It is free if you go to www.CommonGround.ca. Thanks, Joseph, (the publisher/owner of Common Ground) for inspiring me so I can inspire my readers.

There is lots of good information if one wishes to know. There are naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, body-workers, health care practitioners, etc. That I can pay for if I want help. As far as I am concerned, doctors should be for emergency use only. We all have a choice, and the choices are becoming more abundant every year with some amazing people stepping forward to speak the truth. People are becoming empowered, and as that happens, the spell of ignorance will be broken. One day “we” the people will have a government that represents us. Till then, read labels, write letters to your MP, and give appreciation for all that we have.

In the Mail Box

Dear Angele … I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all of the love and energy that goes into each Issues Magazine. I have been an avid reader for the last ten years or so. After reading the magazine I am always reminded and inspired at what limitless potentials there are for each of us to reach out to others and help make this world a better place. I want to thank you and all of your angels for keeping this window open for me and others. Your efforts bless many. Enclosed is $20 for a two year subscription. Melanie, Cawston

Richard and I often get thoughtful comments from people in support of what we do… I don’t always make the time or space to print them but they are appreciated. Today seemed like the right time. Many thanks to all who have kind thoughts.

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