Inner Voice
(Jul 2011)

Often what seems to happen is that people are told to take medication so they don’t feel, or told they are crazy because it can’t be explained. Attending the festivals gives us a variety of tools, a smorgasbord of experiences, to see what does work so we can understand our inner guidance. Sometimes it is a combination that creates the opening. Yoga stretches and strengthens the meridians and brings chi to the organs, allowing subtle vibrations to become more apparent. This practice has taught me to listen to the breath and to become aware.

A few people have asked me, “What is the difference between my inner voice and my mind, and how do I know it is God and not the devil?” In my world, thoughts that keep going round and round are in my mind. My angels don’t repeat themselves, and seldom does God, and there is fine line between those two voices. Once, I remember hearing my inner voice say: ”Yes, sir. Right way, sir!” I felt like a soldier reporting to a sergeant. That is how I feel when I get my ego out of the way. I do what is asked, for I have learned their guidance is for my highest good—if I choose. If I had listened to my ego, I would not have learned about computers, and Issues would not have happened. Following instincts has taken some training, but at that same time, it seems to come naturally. I used to think everyone had this ability, but have been told that is not so. When I ask the people who ask questions how they hear guidance, they often dismiss it, but with further questioning by me, some get an ‘ah-ha’ moment.

Working with others to co-create events is something I do naturally. I like the feeling of the flow, of being in the middle of organized chaos, of doing good and seeing if I can do it better next time, of doing what my angels ask, even if my conscious mind has other ideas. I like being around people who have learned to care for the earth and the animals and know the names of weeds rather than corporate logos or brand names. I like people who have educated themselves and want to share and help us grow collectively wise.

One of my commitments is to have a smaller footprint. Whenever I travel, I bring my own bedding, as it does not make sense to wash sheets after one sleep. When I wash my hands, I dry them on my hair, not paper towels, I have a collection of handkerchiefs for my drippy nose rather than Kleenex, and I avoid most soaps and chemicals, for they are not people- or earth-friendly. Marion Desborough, the lady who does the festival registrations thought I should mention this, for she too wants to use less. I assume you all know not to take plastic bags home. Learning to consume less increases our awareness, too.

If you are looking to educate yourself, there are lots of women who have much to share at the Wise Women’s Festival, or register for a workshop at Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center, and enjoy our high-quality, vegetarian, mostly organic food, with yummy cookies made from fresh-ground flour. How many people do you know who think that grinding their own flour is important—and do it? Learning what is important to you will help your soul and everyone else on their journey.

With the Wise Women’s Festival coming up in September, festivals have been on my mind lately. It seems I have only just finished unloading the camera from the Spring Festival of Awareness that happened at the end of April. Then the garden and landscaping projects took priority until the deadline for this Issues crept up quicker than expected, so I clicked through last year’s Wise Women’s Festival pictures and chose two to show off on the front cover. Photos of amazing people who are creating the change that will empower them to be more of who they are —a spark of divine light. During the weekend, some people will get a sense of the ‘We-are-all-One’ concept and start to feel universal energy.

After the festival, people ask me, “How did it go?” My answer always seems the same. “Magical! The people who show up make it happen.” I hold the space and allow the deva of the festival to work through me, but it is the participants who create the magic. They start showing up around noon, and then the Healing Oasis opens for three hours for those who arrive early, allowing some relaxation time before dinner. Then there are the Opening Ceremonies and the workshop introductions by the presenters, followed by the droning of crystal bowls, so that bedtime becomes a meditation, allowing the energy to build.

Many people arrive with their program in hand with highlighted circles showing which workshops appeal to them. Then they listen to the presenters and rethink their choices. Sometimes a friend will influence them as they walk towards a workshop. The final result is that they usually get what they need, even it was not what they imagined they wanted. As the energy builds, so does the trust. People delve deeper, searching for their definition of love so they may understand what brings them joy, peace or satisfaction. Answers to questions come easily.

Personally, I get to listen to about ten to fifteen minutes of each presenter, sometimes taking a picture of the group, always noticing the energy in the room and appreciating all the healing that happens. I often smile, for I notice each instructor speaking about, or asking participants, the same basic questions. How do we increase our awareness so we get to know our soul better and understand our purpose? Who is the person behind the mask? What motivates us to become more compassionate, less judgmental? How does healing happen? How do I allow energy to move through me? How do I know what is Truth?

Learning to listen to the body is what the sages speak about. Seems so simple, but what does that feel like? How do we know what is the truth? Figuring out our body signals is important. Where in the body do you feel satisfaction, happiness or truth? Maybe a big sigh, tingles, a rush down the spine? When I hear someone speak, I stay aware of my body and often it will give me a little shiver if it agrees with what is being said, even if it sounds far-fetched. I have also noticed that when I pause for a few moments and feel heartfelt gratitude, like before I eat, I often get shivers that shake my body. These shivers feel like stress being released, so I relax and allow them to vibrate through. If I feel a bolt of lightning striking me, I really pay attention, knowing what I am thinking or hearing has importance. Then there are other signals like my hair standing on end, or a wave of sadness when tragedy happens, sometimes a deep knowingness or a feeling of shields going up in my energy field, etc. Feelings need our attention. If they feel unsettling, they are signalling that our soul is not happy and wants to talk.

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