Spring Festival of Awareness Crew
(Jun 1995)

June reminds me that school is almost over for another year and that I will have a little time for myself. I am closing the Holistic Healing Centre for the month of July as I recharge my batteries. I am tired and I have earned a rest.

As you may have read in the May ISSUES, I am looking for a business partner who would like to help ISSUES grow. The computer is a skill I have learned … though time-consuming it’s a wonderful tool and now it is time for someone else to enjoy all that the computer has to offer.

Networking and education is my main focus and I try to make it available in as many ways as possible. Many years ago, when I was looking for answers, I found them because people took the time to care and share. I continue to network information on health and well-being, making it accessible for those who desire it.

I have learned much from doing and in my busy-ness I am learning to delegate. The willingness and dedication of my crew and volunteers is awe-inspiring. Each year they put in many hours, so that the Festival can happen. I am very grateful for their support and guidance that each one contributes to this magical week-end.

Our Spring Festival meetings have a life of their own: very little is pre-planned and yet so much gets accomplished in such a short time. They certainly are never boring, as you can see by the front cover group photo of us all around the rose quartz that lives at the Centre. Steve Tomlinson took the photograph … as always, he is so accommodating. This month I would like to say a formal ‘thank you’ to each Spring Festival crew member for making me look good.

Jan Stickney is sitting on the ground, she is the Registration Co-ordinator and Receptionist at the Holistic Healing Centre in Penticton. Her great memory and love of detail make the complicated task of keeping track of everybody look easy. Her enthusiasm and joyful voice greet many of the callers who have inquiries or who wish to make changes. Her inner strength and quiet exuberance are perfect for maintaining sanity even as the line-up starts to increase. She is showing me that a slow, steady pace with short breaks works quite efficiently. She also reminds me never to ‘should’ on myself.

Urmi Sheldon is missing but she is a real earth angel who is retiring from being the Children’s Festival Co-ordinator. Her centeredness in the midst of chaos is very much appreciated. Her sense of fairness and wisdom is very powerful and calming. Her insights into why life happens appeals to my sense of awareness and confirms that each of us is special. Her insights into love and service helps me in my understanding of who I am and why I am doing what I do.

Second row starting at the left is Laurel Burnham is the Mistress of Ceremonies and Director of Ambiance, which includes decorating the gym, bathrooms, healing rooms and more. She loves rituals and makes sure the Four Directions are honoured and the Festival Spirits appeased. She has taught me that Opening and Closing Circles are important, for they set the tone to contain the energy. Her love of sharing makes her an excellent MC but her scheduling of the entertainment needs to be reworked. Laurel’s love of flowers, candles and incense reminds me to enjoy the little things in life and that mood-setting is important. Beside her is me and then a young volunteer. Next is Nywyn, an artist who has painted many a sign and now looks after the Festival store. Beside her is Marcelle Campbell, my delightful business partner and someone who likes looking after the book keeping and editing.

Above her is Michael Kruger. This was his first year as crew and helped truck out the extra equipment that was needed to transform the site. His willingness to do just about anything helps me keep my promise to myself … of one day, being able to walk on-site with nothing to do but network and visit.

Top person is Judy Byer, the Volunteer and Instructor Coordinator and the organizer for the Healing Houses. She is an excellent planner who loves detail. Her creative side comes across with her hand-painted badges for the instructors and crew. She is clear and consistent with the schedules and has learned to adjust to my scattered way of organizing. She is teaching me to write down the agreements I make because clarity beforehand makes for less confusion later. Then there is Gerry Parent who runs the Juicy Carrot and helps where he is needed. Below him is Joyce Egolf our Hospitality Hostess. She helped with registration, cashiered in the store, made posters, set up the give-away display and made some people very happy as they received their free gift. Such versatility was appreciated as it gave many of us a much-needed break. Her decorating touch inspires my creativity and her selfless attitude is a joy to experience.

The one thing that all of my crew teach me is that I can count on them. My mother told me countless times that “If you want something done right … you do it yourself.” My crew has helped me let go of that old programming. As I walked around the site, I noticed that everything was done and it thrilled my heart to discover that most of the jobs were done better than I could have done them myself.

Our styles of organizing seem to complement each other quite nicely as the calmness and flow could really be felt this year. I feel the Festival is a structure put in place so that each participant can discover the magic of being in the flow. Learning to let go of pre-conceived schedules and ideas and being “in the moment” is one of the gifts that the weekend offers each of us. I loved listening to the stories that each person told and watching the magic happen as people got in touch with this subtle energy.

Many thanks to my Mom for the exquisite orchids and peacock feathers: their beauty was impressive.

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