(Sep 1990)

The best part of Sunday school was playing baseball with the nuns, they came out to Rosswood every couple of weeks and always seemed to have such a good time playing, fishing, skating or sleighing. My great grandfather was a devout Catholic and very wise, he never preached his beliefs.

I can still remember him saying “ Angele, learn to listen, then you’ll twice as smart, because you’ll know what you know plus what they know.” I’m not sure if I’ve come close yet, I do try, but people keep asking me questions.

Through the years I have tried to kept my mind open to all possibilities and I enjoy the eastern philosophies. I truly believe for the world to survive we need spiritualism not materialism. We need to feel connected to the love and have the knowingness that we belong and that we have a right to be happy.

I also believe that prayer is offered best from the heart and God can hear your thoughts just as easy as in an open field or a bedroom as he can in a church. As children we need to be loved and bonded and then given the freedom to roam and learn from nature how to survive. God gave us a brain to think, to help your neighbour and respect your elders and if we don’t start thinking for ourselves then the future of the earth is in trouble.

A lot of what we learn these days are from T.V. shows, commercials and the news, as well as talk shows and late shows. One must be careful what it is we absorb and determine if its applicable. The amount of information one child or adult is bombarded with in one day is staggering. What is real, what is high pressure sales, what is reflected back to us for discernment? There is a new magazine produced in Vancouver by a non-profit group of folks who think we can make a difference. They can help you understand how T.V. commercials affect us. It is called Adbusters. The choice is always yours, now we just need to take the time to get educated. We have been sold the easy route, using chemicals, taking pills or drugs, instead of spending the time to learn how the planet’s (or our own bodies) systems work.

There are alternatives and only you can make it happen.

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Zachary Williams - 02/05/2023

Congratulations on completing your book.

Richard - 02/05/2023

Great to see your book is complete