The Angel and the Rose
(Dec 2002)

The front cover is a photograph of a painting that took five years to complete… by an artist in Nelson who says this is his last work of art. He is a friend of Richard, the man in life, who was thinking of using it on his brochure this spring. We agreed it was most appropriate for the front cover of Issues for several reasons and they are:

1) ‘tis the season to send greetings and images of peace and joy. Since my name also means angel or messenger of God, I have always felt connected to these heavenly creatures… I still remember the feeling, when I was about ten years old and read the definition—my head automatically nodded in agreement with the book for I felt the connection deep within. Today I know we all are angels… living in the paradise that we create, individually and collectively.

2) I often feel gifted by the universe, on many levels. To me this was a physical representation of what a psychic said to me when she came into my store this October and asked if she could tell me something. I nodded as she stared at a space above my head and said. “Your third guide is about to join you… he/she is here to help you through this next passage in your life.” She went on to describe what the three of them looked like. Her description of the two I knew matched what I saw in a meditation many, many years ago when I first entered the world of metaphysics. I have been making mental notes in the subtle differences in my personality since its arrival. Mostly I feel more intuitive—with quicker, more clear messages of what is about to happen or needs to be done next. I feel blessed that I have been given extra help as I make this next transition and move to the Kooteneys next summer to start the process of developing an intentional community at Johnson’s Landing.

3) Roses are my favourite flower, the smell and beauty of them grace my table often. In the summer I often snitch them from neighbours who grow these majestic shrubs. Many years ago I told the story about meeting Jan, my past business partner. She caught me early one morning and poked her head out the door and hollered, “Take two they are free.” I grinned sheepishly and complemented her on her green thumb. Perhaps it was the only way the angels could provide me with the help I needed to do my next assignment. I think of this as one of the many small miracles that often happen to me. Today I get roses or other flowers delivered to my door with a kiss and a dinner date, from a man I am growing very fond of. The more time we spend together, the more we appreciate each others qualities.

This Christmas will be our first together as was going to print on a new MacIntosh computer. I had bought the iMac in the spring just as Richard came into my life. After the last few years of upgrading to keep up with my printers needs and the knowingness that the new screen have less emissions … we decided to buy. At the time I figured I had the summer to learn, but after meeting Richard and spending all my extra time helping out at the retreat centre it just sat under my desk. This is the first edition of Issues put together with Quark Express. The learning curve was intense now and then, but Richard has been using one for awhile—his help as well as did Millie and Dena at Webco and Mark at the Mac Doctor has all been appreciated. As you can see we have survived the experience and I have been told that putting Issues together will only get easier.

I am sure the universe has other things for me to do besides formatting ads and I look forward to the experience. Blessings to everyone this festive season, may it be as blissful as you can imagine.

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Zachary Williams - 02/05/2023

Congratulations on completing your book.

Richard - 02/05/2023

Great to see your book is complete