The Veil is Lifting
(Aug 2005)

Choosing this month’s front cover photo was a great delight, for it shows the unseen energies that I often feel. When Hope and Randy Mead arrived on my doorstep a few months ago to show me their new video entitled Orbs, The Veil is Lifting, I was intrigued and listened carefully as Hope explained why Randy, her husband, did not have time to fake 7,000 photographs taken with her digital camera. I knew in my heart that what she said was true… that we now have the technology to see beyond the physical. Hope’s article about what she believes to be happening is on page 12 of Issues Magazine.

At this year’s Spring Festival of Awareness, Jon Kelly did a workshop where participants brought their cameras and walked around taking digital photographs so they could see for themselves the inter-dimensional gateways – along with fairies, angels and, of course, lots of orbs. I got to see for myself the photographs taken inside the Great Hall at Naramata Centre, which had little orbs everywhere with varying degrees of brightness. I like the confirmation that spirits are everywhere.

I am delighted that the veil is lifting, and they are making themselves known, as our space brothers and sisters. I believe that the many crop circles appearing all over the planet proves their intelligence. Robert Nichol who produced the Star Dreams video, says that the magical formations and inspiring designs are a communiqué to humankind, inviting us to a greater awareness and understanding of how the world works in the larger context of an inter-galactic community.

My knowingness is greater than my intellect for I remember oh so many years ago when I walked out of a movie theatre after watching the original Star Wars and someone asked me, “How was the show?” With a deep sigh I said, “Wow, there is life on this planet.” I didn’t know what I meant at the time except I did make note of the light feeling in my body. At the time I was feeling the heaviness of being “normal,” living in a town where most people did not believe in angels.

One of my first memories was a visit from a man with a white beard who said it was time for him to go and that I had one last wish… I wished for snow on a hot summer day. I remember laying on the ground watching as he shoveled snow off the sky. I ran into the house to tell my mom the news. She patted me on the head as she kept talking to her friend. I had no further contact with the other side until I was about 16 years old. I was invited to a party where someone offered me a cigarette. As I reached for it a voice in my head spoke loudly and said, “Don’t start… you will never make it.” I withdrew my arm and stammered something about it being the wrong brand. Once home I had a long chat with my angels as they imaged their concerns and conveyed to me that I was to have only friends who didn’t smoke. I didn’t question their information and did as I was asked.

I didn’t realize for a long time that not everyone listens to his or her inner voice – well, it is not always a voice, sometimes it is a feeling that responds to my queries. During the last twenty years, since becoming a student of metaphysics, I have been trying to define the difference – when is it guidance from my angels, and when is it my ego/intellect speaking. Sometimes people ask me how they can know when their angels are speaking. I think they figure life would be easier if they had some direct feedback, a voice telling them what to do next. Well… it is and isn’t that easy. To have a connection with the Divine involves risk-taking, doing what is asked with no questions, no arguing and no doubting your ability to do what is asked – trusting that all is perfect and that you are loved regardless of the circumstances. For me change happens easily and if I need extra time I ask for it.

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