ArtLink Ranch
(Jun 2005)

The front cover photo shows one of four tipis that can be rented at ArtLink, a ranch in the foothills of Alberta. (See ad in the NYP under Retreats) In the summer 2003 Issues I featured the Tipi Camp on the north shore of Kootenay Lake, and in 2004, Quantum Leaps Lodge near Golden, BC. Tipis are becoming increasingly popular and last summer Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center upgraded to a larger one. It is used for workshops or family accommodation. It has a fire pit in the middle of the plywood floor, with an air vent so that it doesn’t get too smoky. Last summer we enjoyed a drumming workshop late into the night, while the fire flickered in the darkness, creating a magical atmosphere. I know a few people who have lived in a tipi all year-round. I admire their connectedness to nature and their perseverance in making it through the coldness of winter.

I tend to persevere in a different way: like getting Issues ready for the printers once spring has arrived and the sun shines so warmly. I love quality time in the garden, but the tasks take longer than anticipated and I end up feeling pulled in different directions. I want to make this place even more beautiful with lots of landscaping and growing vegetables. I also know the time it takes to get the magazine to print. I am sure most of you go through the same thoughts in different ways as you juggle your priority lists each day. Yet, I love that life is so full of choices.

Nurturing myself with long walks in the fresh mountain air keeps me somewhat balanced as I learn to slow down a little–enjoying life with the man of my dreams in this beautiful, serene surrounding. This is exactly what I asked for, and now I get to deal with the abundance I have created. Besides the garden, there are so many projects that I would love to do: preparing the land for a water fountain, helping build a tree house, finishing the healing room… I have to keep reminding myself though, that there is only one of me and that I have permission to slow down. So, I let things go undone knowing that things will happen in their own time.

Richard is a good example; he never gets anxious about what needs doing next. He is generous with his time and allows himself to savour the process of whatever he is creating. He also spends time preparing the meals and usually does the dishes if I need to continue editing into the evening.

Once again I am putting it out there that I am looking for help with the magazine. I’ve had a lot of people inquire, and some have come for a visit, but so far no takers. For the last edition, a young man stayed for three weeks and did much of the layout, but in the end decided Johnson’s Landing was not where he wanted to live. Ideally, I’m looking for someone who would like to get involved in the essence of the magazine. It would be perfect if that person also wanted to help co-create a conscious community with us. We have the land and lots of ideas, but attracting like-minded souls is taking time­­­­­­­­–which we have lots of…living in the Kootenays.

Many people talk about being part of a community and they think they want to be part of a bigger ‘family,’ but becoming involved requires more commitment than many are willing to give. I have even spoken with people who say they have always dreamed of creating a retreat centre, but for some reason the dream never got realized. When I suggest they join us, they decline. For them the magic is in the dream. If, however, you are a soul who would like to exchange some of your life energy for food, lodgings, and a small wage while supporting an alternative, holistic lifestyle with a spiritual component similar to that of
Findhorn Foundation, give Richard or I a call at 1-888-756-9929.

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Great to see your book is complete