The Sanctuary at Findhorn Scotland
(Apr 2005)

The front cover photo was sent to us from Scotland… It is entitled ‘The Sanctuary,’ and can be found at the Findhorn Foundation, one of the oldest and largest retreat centers and intentional communities in the world, established in 1962.

Founder Eileen Caddy communicated with spirit and was told to settle on a windy, barren piece of land near Forres, Scotland. After years of struggling with the elements and poor soil, the group produced 40-pound cabbages and other vegetables that were larger than normal, and the scientific community arrived to check it out. Dorothy Maclean, another co-founder, gave credit to the garden devas for assisting them, and the data circulated around the globe, attracting many like-minded supporters.

Each morning Eileen listened for instructions as to what to do, and Dorothy spoke to the devas in the woods, the garden and beyond. Then Eileen wrote a book entitled God spoke to Me, and word spread even further about this strange but wonderful community that lived in harmony with Nature.

By the late 1960s, Peter Caddy, Eileen’s husband and the third co-founder of Findhorn, had built a Community Centre, some bungalows and also teaching spaces, for more people were arriving with their trailers to join in the community. Eventually, the group bought the trailer park and then the local hotel to make room for the people wanting to share the experience of becoming conscious co-creators, learning and deepening their connection to spirit and becoming love in action through service.

In 1970, a young American spiritual teacher named David Spangler and his partner Myrtle Glines helped to define and organize the spiritual education process and the work of the ‘University of Light’ began. In the late ’70s the Universal Hall, a Center for the Arts, was built by volunteers. It houses a theatre, concert hall, holistic cafe, recording studios, and more.

In 1978 two members, Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler, developed the Transformation Game, so that the community would have a way to deal with issues that arose on a regular basis. Over a million sets have been sold around the world.

By the late ’80s, the Ecovillage Project was begun. It featured an energy-producing wind generator and buildings designed to be eco-friendly and to continue the work with nature, including a biological sewage treatment plant. An ecovillage is defined as one that is sustainable ecologically, economically, culturally and spiritually for the continuation of work with nature. Today, Findhorn links with other ecovillages worldwide, offering guidance in sustainability and spirituality to those who wish it. If you are interested, please visit www.findhorn.org to for more details.

When I spoke to Dorothy several years ago, she said the hardest part was getting “themselves” (meaning their egos) out of the way and trusting the voice. Dorothy, who is now eighty-four years old, travels the world talking to and about the devas, and teaching others how to make a conscious connection/communication with Nature.

We are honoured that Dorothy has chosen Johnson’s Landing to be one of her few teaching locations this summer. Brita Atkinson, a member of the Findhorn community for fourteen years will also be facilitating a Leadership Training Program this September. This five day course includes one day of playing the Transformation Game which I played three years ago when I took the course, and found it to be a good way to communicate what was happening in the moment and to see how interconnected we all are. By connecting with our angels, resolution seemed to happen easily and we all felt more deeply connected to each other. Years earlier, I had heard some amazing stories and wanted to experience it for myself and I wasn’t dissappointed.

I am looking forward to spending some time with these two amazing ladies, thirty-some workshop leaders and whoever else arrives at our doorstep this summer to take the workshops, play in the garden or just relax, for the world does move at a different speed here in the foothills of the Purcell Wilderness.

I am glad my angels give me clear guidance and this is the place they have chosen me to be. Richard and I both feel called to be of service and like the idea of co-creating a sustainable community that will flourish long after we are gone. I feel it is just a matter of time and patience, waiting for the angels to make travel arrangements for the people. We are open to guidance as we are not sure how to actualize the concept. Patience is one of my virtues but right now I could use a computer person and soon… a cook for the season.

In the creation of the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center, Richard felt the flow of chi that angels give you when you are on the right path, and his dedication to keeping the place functioning is admirable. The many skills he has learned in his life are tailor-made to keep this place going and the same could be said for me. We are both keeping busy and happy to do whatever is required as we co-create in the moment. Our commitment to each other makes it easy for us to give and grow, and over the last few years of being together, we have discovered we are a good balance for each other, so we intend to wed next summer.

If the concept of experiencing an alternative way of living appeals to you, know that we are accepting applications for helpers in the garden, the kitchen, and the ongoing building projects for the summer, and perhaps beyond if you have ideas and the energy to develop them. Be prepared to stay a minimum of ten days as a volunteer. If interested, please email or phone Richard or I. We will both be at the Spring Festival of Awareness if you want to meet us in person. Or you can plan a trip to the Center to share your skills in the beauty of our surroundings. We are both grateful for all the love invested so far. 

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