Maya Paints Spring Colours
(April /May 2010)

On the front cover is our favorite view of Kootenay Lake, in bright spring colors, as painted by Marianneke Heringa. Since my birthday fell on a Saturday this year, we spent Friday evening in Nelson, enjoying dinner and a live play. Richard and I stayed at Marianneke’s place called Casa del Soul B&B, a delightful haven for creative souls. I enjoyed finally getting to know this delightful and energetic lady in person. She has advertised with Issues for several years and I have been meaning to stop by. Her story is on page 33.

Something different for this edition was to have Michael O’Connor do an update on my birth chart rather than the general three-month seasonal forecast I usually get. I thought a few of you might find it interesting, and if you have never had your chart done, this is your chance to see what is revealed in a reading. It was ten pages so I condensed it. The full version and graphs are on Michael’s website, see page 30.

Also enlightening was talking with Joseph Roberts of Common Ground and his interview with Bill Vander Zalm on the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). He says we do have a choice about this tax and that, in fact, it is unconstitutional. It’s not only taxation without representation, it’s fraudulent taxation. The provincial government is giving up a provincial jurisdiction without consulting the people and giving it to the feds. To stop it 10% of the population needs to vote against it. Read the article on page 6, go the website and help with the petition.

By the time you read this edition, the winners of my 20th anniversary contest will have been notified. The two passes to the Spring Festival of Awareness was given to Jody Furneaux of Vernon and Rosemary Fischer of Moosejaw, SASK. The $100 credit at Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center goes to Louise Cheshire of Proctor, and Jamie Evans of Vernon is the winner of the free ad. Robyn Tatum from Salmon Arm won the Whole Package Deal donated by Stephanie Monsen. A friend sent Marion a heartwarming letter that explained why she deserved to attend.

I like being an organizer and the Spring Festival of Awareness as it uses all my talents plus I get to connect with many like-minded souls. Twenty-two years ago a wandering psychic named Peter Morris, appeared in my life and convinced me that the Festival needed to continue and he would help. Saying yes to co-creating this event changed my life and I love it. Several years after my first festival, during a meditation, I got a reminder that I had asked for this opportunity… which I barely remembered doing. I was working late for the Summerland Recreation Department, posting run times for the Man of Steel event, when I looked up to the sky and said, “Why don’t you give me something to organize that I would like to attend?” I forgot those words till the force that is greater than I, and which has a much higher perspective, reminded me that we always get what we ask for. I smiled at myself and thanked my angels for waking me up to a greater potential. It is not always easy to “feel the fear and do it anyway.” I have learned that what I want is usually on the other side of some intense feelings. I breathe deeply into the belly and feel the anxiety. I ask for clarity, what do I really want? My inner guidance always amazes me. Sometimes it is instant, most times it comes when it wants to. Once the Spring Festival is over, it will be time to plant the gardens at Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center. Looks like we will have a few helpers arrive in time for this year’s experience of planting the garden and building a solar shower house. May the season of renewal be all that it promises as we spiral upward, ready or not for the changes that occur as each one of us chooses to be here, now!

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