Spring Festival of Awareness
(June/July 2006)

The front cover is a collage of photos that were taken at the Spring Festival of Awareness that happened the last weekend in April. This magical event is often life-changing for many, and organizing this event has certainly created a new me, one that glows from the inside. I remember hearing the expression, “You get what you ask for,” and reflecting on my life, I do remember certain words I said or desires that were eventually reflected back as something I had asked for, even though at the time I didn’t know it. As I wandered around the site getting it ready, people came into my mind; and there were the collages from past festivals to remind me of the folks who helped out over the years, so I thought I would muse on … how it came about.

During the eighties, I was a lifeguard for the Summerland Recreation Department and helped organize the Giant’s Head Run once a year. It was a long day and as evening approached, I was still posting the running times. I remember looking up into the clouds and saying…”Why don’t you give me an event to organize that I would like to attend?”

A few years later, I got the feeling it was time to let go of my job… but what was I to do? I scanned Shared Vision and Common Ground magazines in Vancouver for options and choose Handwriting Analysis as a new career. At the time, I was organizing the speakers for the Metaphysical Society and Peter Morris was one of them. When he quizzed me about what was happening with the Spring Festival, I said I couldn’t remember receiving this year’s announcement, so I said I would check it out.

Peter was disappointed when I told him that that the Vernon coordinators had run out of steam. He emphatically said, “It was a good event and it needs to continue. We must find someone to take it over.” We both phoned people we thought might want to do it, but no one had the time. Peter than suggested that I do it and I said, “I don’t know what to do.” He said, “I’ll help. It will be easy.” So I figured I would do it for one year and then re-write my Handwriting exam that I had just failed, and get on with what I had planned for my life.

At each bi-monthly metaphysical meeting, I would ask for helpers and one person a month responded. I travelled back and forth to Vernon learning how to operate a data base program and held meetings in my dining room. Peter stayed around just long enough to see that I could handle it and then headed back to Vancouver. Laurel Burnham said she would look after the Festival store, Marion Walters would help with registrations, Urmi Sheldon and Dave Cursons would look after the Children’s Festival and Judy Byer would come along and see what needed doing. I can still see Judy sitting in a chair in the foyer waiting for me to tell her what to do next. Every time I figured out where she could help, she would leap to her feet, do the task, and then return to the same spot waiting for my next ah-ha. Smiling, I so remember my feelings of gratitude that she was there to help me look like I knew what I was doing! Noor-a-Nisa set up the Reiki House and I organized a group photo shot on the clay banks, for I had ordered 200 T-shirts, figuring that everyone would want one along with the group photo. What a learning curve that was! I didn’t feel like I did a very good job but as the weekend progressed, people congratulated me on how wonderfully organized it was. At our wrap-up meeting I asked the crew if they would do it a second time, for I wanted another chance to do it better. My learning continues but the curve has lessened and I feel blessed to have what it takes to organize the event and not feel burned out. After eighteen years, I am still energized by this celebration.

I am thankful that my husband-to-be Richard loves the event and has willingly taken over setting up the site. He also takes photographs from ladders, and offers me words of guidance as to how he would handle certain situations. He had attended years previous to my knowing him, as a scout for presenters at the Retreat Center. Blessings to all those kind souls who have helped in various ways over the many years. Special thanks to Greta and Sue who returned for their eighth year doing registration and to Eleanor and Pat who helped out till they got there. Hugs to Eleanor, Pat, Windsong, Alice, and Teal who all helped make the site look so special. The Great Hall beamed with pride as the 350 participants danced for Univeral Peace.


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